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Can the dog swallow the Ciuffogatto chewing products without any risk?

Yes, the dog can swallow them without any problem, because they have been specifically studied to avoid any problems and they are not made of plastic or any other synthetic materials.
Their formula, based on corn starch, is absolutely innocuous. The particular elastic structure, that characterises these products, makes them safe.
In other words even if broken, they don’t originate dangerous splinters if swallowed.
Besides that, the saliva and gastric juices melt the corn starch, without leaving any gastric or intestinal residual.

Are there any particular contraindications on the products?

No, there aren’t any particular contraindication on Ciuffogatto products.
All the products are tested in laboratories to certify the absolute innocuousness. Other kinds of tests (see Grandosso Sperimental Test) are made on final users as well.

How do you think to give Pescegatto to bad tempered cats?

Pescegatto is not only a valid and effective aid to maintain an healthy and free from tartar set of teeth but also a good chance for playing. Hanging Pescegatto to a string, one can use it to stir your cat curiosity, exciting him with the game or hanging it to a support (an handle for instance, paying attention not to get the door scratched!).
Pescegatto is a good substitute to the classic paper-aluminium or tin foil small ball, which if swallowed, even in small portions, can cause serious damages.

Can I give Grancaramella Garlic to my cat? Is Grancaramella Garlic suitable for all pets besides dogs? Are there any contraindications?

Grancaramella Garlic can be given without hesitation also to cats. It is in fact available in a slightly smaller size. There are no contraindications but it is always advisable to stick to the suggested quantities.

Can I mix Granfood to normal fodder to give it to my dog/cat/rodent?

Granfood is planned as a reward for your dog/cat. It does not make sense to administrate it together with the daily ration itself and secondarily the “reward”aspect will be missing.
if our dog/cat finds constantly Granfood in his daily ration, he will not consider it as an exceptional event any more, to be regarded as a prize.
As far as rodents are concerned matter is slightly different. As the strong interaction with the owner in this case is missing the way it happens instead with dogs and cats, the purpose of a reward is a moot question. In any case Granfood effective helps to file the set of teeth of rodents and can be added to their daily ration, considering rodents do not have the ability to eat in a short time like dogs and cats.

Why Ciuffogatto products are considered to be “anti-stress”?

Ciuffogatto products are usefull against stress as due to their game purpose, can be of amusement to animals which are often left alone. This avoids to the dog or to the cat to destroy the living room or the curtains, when they feel abandoned. These products help the psycho-motor abilities of dogs and cats, mostly when young. This is very important especially for those who live in apartments and miss the stimulus of the nature and open spaces. Ciuffogatto products help on the other side the relationship between pets and their owners, concentrated in the game time, essential element for wild animals.

Garlic leaves normally bad breath taste, so why Grancaramella Garlic is considered refreshing?

The garlic of Grancaramella is absolutely natural and world-wide patented as Leo NoSmell. This patent has been released because it does not leave a bad taste in the mouth, on the contrary, it makes it fresher.

Can Granlap nest be used outdoor as well? Does it melt with humidity?

If you put Granlap nest in an out door space, just be sure to place it in the sheltered place, that can be “occupied”. If it is placed in an inconvenient place for the nidification, it will not be used. A humid place is not a good location for the nidification and no bird will build his nest there.

What are the advantages of Granpeck over a normal cuttlebone?

Granpek is an innovative product: it looks like a traditional cuttlebone, but it is made of corn starch and selected seeds. For these characteristics it absolutely has a better nutritive value than the cuttlebone.

Is it really true that all the products are natural? Are there any risks to develop salmonella?

Ciuffogatto products are completely natural and innocuous for pets. The risk to develop salmonella is almost insignificant, because Ciuffogatto products do not have enough humidity to let the bacteria, like the one of salmonella, live.
The environmental tank of these bacteria are represented by humid places, places with water and faecal material. Bone or fish meals, that are not well-preserved, can be vehicles of Salmonella. Ciuffogatto products are completely biological and with no by-animal derived.
In any case it is always advisable, from an hygienic point of view, not to let small children touch something used by dogs or cats, knowing their intention to put everything they found in their mouth.

My dog adores Grancaramella: what happens if he eats a bigger quantity than the suggested one?

There are no particular contraindications for Grancaramella Garlic.
In any case it is advisable to follow the quantities suggested on the packaging.

Do you use genetically manipulated corn?

No, the corn we use for Ciuffogatto products is not genetically manipulated. We only use Italian corn, tested with previous controls with PCR, and to guarantee in a better way the customer security, we are organising a new system of traceability.

There is no expiration date indicated on your products. Till when can they be used?

Due to their non-perishability, Ciuffogatto products can be kept in a dry place, for an unlimited period.

Is the white coating, that sometimes appears on the surface of the products, noxious?

The white coating is absolutely not bad. It is made of sorbithol that emerges and settles on the surface of the products. It is not a product alteration and if present it does not cause any problem to pets.

How can we keep your products?

You do not need a particular care to keep our products in a good way, except to keep them in a dry place, to avoid the deterioration.

Can your products be dangerous if swallowed by a child?

No, Ciuffogatto products are not noxious at all, not even for kids.

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