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In the statement which reports the ingredients of the “Grancaramella Garlic” produced by the company Ciuffogatto of Turin, the first word is natural garlic, in form of Garlic Leo No Smell, which has several properties, described in a wide bibliography, that we summarise as follows:

The Use of garlic, element that is able to solve intestinal and lung disorders, was already known by the ancient Greeks. The Egyptians used it against diarrhoea, because of its anti-microbial properties (Farbman et al., 1999).
The anti-microbial properties were already underlined by Pasteur in the year 1858 and confirmed by several studies in the next coming years (Cavallito et al., 1994; Johnson et al., 1969; Jonkers et al., 1999). However, it has to be remembered that a thermic treatment at high temperature of fresh garlic extract is responsible for the decrease of its anti-microbial properties.
The employment of garlic can be useful for decreasing the growth of H.pylori, in the treatment of dyspepsia and duodenal and gastric ulcers (Jonkers et al., 1999).
It’s proven, that the use of garlic in the diet, is a valid help in decreasing the cancer incidence at gastroenteric and colon level (Mei et al., 1982; Steinmetz et al., 1994).
Studies made by Wargovich et al., (1988) pointed out a lower percentage of oesophageal tumours in rats treatments with garlic products. The anti-tumour properties seem to rise from the detoxified functions of the enzyme glutathione S-transpherase on the ecancerogenic compounds and from the inhibition of the formation and activation of the nytrosamins promoted by the stimulating action of the garlic (Liu et al., 1992; Shenoy et al., 1992; Jeong et al., 1998).
Another important nutraceutic function associated to the use of garlic, is the action on the cardiovascular system: Allium sativum is able to decrease the cholesterol and triglyceride’s seric levels, oppose the platelets aggregation, preventing arteriosclerosis in addition with antioxidant properties (Steiner et al., 1996; Chi et al., 1982).

Positive effects on the immunity response, through the stimulation of the -cells and macrophages growth, done by garlic extract or its components (Feng et al.,1994), are reported as well.
The garlic extract can substantially decrease the hematic concentration of glucose, probably thanks to the stimulating action on the secretion of insulin by the pancreas cells, resulting a good therapeutically support in case of diabetes (Augusti et al., 1996).
Aghomo et al. (1985) reports positive effects of garlic supplied, to dogs affected by scabies and dermatophysis caused by Micosporum gypseum.
The results previously described refer to studies on humans. They can cautiously also be referred to pets, particularly to dogs and cats.
More specifically, the treatment with garlic extract, together with onion, lemon and other vegetal essences, has caused the recovery of dogs affected by dermatomycosis (Sharma and Dwivedi, 1990).

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