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The floor standing display offers a complete product range and stimulates purchase, in particular, if placed in a strategic position. The floor display is not cumbersome, enriches the retail shop and is colourful. It contains a drawer for the refill. It's offered at once the usefulness and the attractiveness, because the end customer will stop by and consider the purchase of the displayed articles.

The display contains the following items:
7 Grandosso small (flavours: natural, chicken, beef, vegetables, garlic, cheese and bacon), 1 pack. per type - 6 Grandosso medium (flavours: vegetables, chicken, beef, ham, garlic and dalmatian), 1 pack. per type - 5 Grandosso large (natural, dalmatian, beef, garlic and cheese) 1 pack. per type - 4 Grandosso extra-large (flavours: chicken, beef, bacon and ham), 1 pack. per type - 8 Grandamor (medium and large), 4 pack. per type - 5 Grancaramella garlic packages - 14 Pescegatto (flavours: natural, chicken, beef, vegetables, chocolate, cheese and salmon), 2 pack. per type - 3 Granfood dogs (flavours: beef, beef/carrot and chicken) - 3 Granfood cats (flavours: beef, salmon and anchovy) - 3 Granfood rodents (flavours: garlic, fruit and vegetables) - 12 Rosicchio packages(shapes/flavours: 3 carrots, cheese, 2 walnuts and 2 acorn/2 peanuts), 3 per type - 7 Granstick packages, mixed flavours, 10 pieces each package (flavours: chicken, beef, vegetables, ham and bacon) - 5 Granpeck (cuttle bone) packages -2 Granparty high slices (flavours bacon and ham), 1 per type - 2 Granparty low slices (bacon and ham), 1 pack. per type.


box cm 40x28x23
display cm 143x830x90

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