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This is the first natural bone for dogs, it is made by a revolutionary raw material obtained from corn-starch. GRANDOSSO® makes happy those owners who do not only care about the well-being of their dogs, but are also concerned about preserving environment. GRANDOSSO® is special for other reasons: it does not dirty, stain, smell or get stuck to fur (and not even to carpets when used at home), and it is long lasting. This is why it is a winner both with dogs and owners because is 100% healthy, tasty and clinically tested; it does not contain animal origin derivatives and is completely non-toxic. It can swallowed without causing harm or affecting your pet's diet and is particularly suggested for excess weight dogs. It is a perfect stress-buster and works as a warning bell, because if it is not chewed can indicate gum or tooth problems. When playing with GRANDOSSO® your dog will have fun while keeping its teeth healthy, thanks to strenghtening, tartar reducing and breath freshening. Available in 11 flavours (natural, chicken, beef, vegetables, chocolate and the new ones: green apple, bacon, ham, cheese and the patented garlic flavour that does not give bad breath) and four sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large). GRANDOSSO® is the real alternative to usual products available for dogs. It is perfect for all owners wishing give their four-legged friend something that combines usefulness with pleasure.


Natural Natural Italian
Chicken Yellow English
Vegetables Green French
Beef Red Spanish
Chocolate Brown German
Dalmatian White/Dalmatian Dutch
Cheese White Japanese
Apple Apple green
Bacon Brown
Garlic Natural
Ham Pink
without header card
Small g 43.5 11 cm
Medium g 78.5 cm 13/13.5
Large g 140.5 cm 16.5
X-large g 266 20 cm
small boxes cm 24x13.2x4.8 / 20x15x8.7 / 25x18.5x10.2
medium box cm 40x28x23 - large box cm 45x35x30
Small 12/210/460 Kg 0.610/11/23.8
Medium 12/120/255 Kg 1/10.6/22.3
Large 12/75/150 Kg 1.8/11.6/22.85
X-large 6/45/85 Kg 1.63/12.8/24.6

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