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With the advantages of the raw material the first big success: GRANDOSSO®, made from corn starch. It’s a dog bone studied for taking care and keeping healthy the dog teeth, by stimulating a correct chewing action. GRANDOSSO® gets an incredible success that spreads around the world, until getting, in 1994, the Cincinnati Pet Trade price as the product of the year. Along the years the Mater-Bi becomes the protagonist for an entire range of products for all type of pets: beside dogs, cats, small animals and birds, appreciated all around the world: Europe, Asia, USA. No other product has the benefits of the corn starch. All the products are patented, and each is based on the promotion of dental health and amuses the animal while being extremely useful. For this reason we can say that with the products from CIUFFOGATTO® the animals are living happy with healthy and tasty chews.>

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  GranFood cats 

- 100% natural and ecological made from corn starch
- No animal-by products
- They do not stain nor smell
- Clinically tested and totally edible
- They do not interfere with the normal diet

- Trademarks patented and registered

- They enable a slow and gradual chewing action
- Helpful for teeth and gums
- Amusing and anti stress



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