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All big companies have someone who has mapped out their destiny and written their history. CIUFFOGATTO® has three: the three roles of Franca Leo who is at the same time manager, researcher and ecologist and who has shown inexhaustible energy and unshakeable determination in the fields of experimentation, marketing and the expansion of the company. Finding herself in the research laboratory almost by chance after a series of varied work experiences all centred around her talent and creativity, Franca Leo brought the most unlikely element inside the aseptic walls of the laboratory: imagination! That combined with her business acumen convinces her of the extreme versatility and potential of corn starch. This explosive cocktail enabled her to reach her goal: to create a great company, where she could develop her creative talent, her love for animals and her natural inclination towards natural products. It sounds like luck but was actually a success story that was created and began in the laboratory, built up by Franca Leo, step by step or rather patent by patent and directed towards unimaginable, except for her, goals and business partnerships of world wide importance.

From the bowl of CIUFFOGATTO® to the varieties of GRANDOSSO®, from the aromatised sticks GRANSTICK® to the cake for special occasions GRANPARTY®, from ROSICCHIO® to the “use and eat” nest GRANLAP®, the inspiration of untiring Franca Leo seems inexhaustible and unstoppable. Not even the invention of the ecological tee, in corn starch, obviously, which opened the doors to the most exclusive golf clubs in California and where she was complimented by the biggest Hollywood stars can keep her away from the laboratory for long. The latest series of patents which is being developed now, to exploit the therapeutic effects of garlic, has already become an exercise in style and creativity.


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